Dave Wofford mans the reins of HORSE & BUGGY PRESS, a graphic design and letterpress printing studio he established in 1996.

For more info about the press or its publications, please visit www.horseandbuggypress.com.  Or even better, contact Dave to arrange for a visit, or request to see printed samples through the mail.

H&B works on a wide range of projects—large and small—for clients near and afar. Integrating the mechanical technologies of yesterday (the hand-fed Vandercook letterpress, book-making processes) with the digital technologies of today (graphic design, automated offset and digital printing) visually interesting and contextually appropriate work is created in a variety of styles. This work has won regional and national design awards, but most importantly results in satisfied clients and end users who enjoy their interactions with the printed artifacts.

As a sole proprietor who wears the hats of art director, designer, production coordinator, and occasionally letterpress printer, Dave brings an intimate level of attention and detail to all facets of each project—from brainstorming to design to scheduling to production. This includes clear communication at every step along the way, and the ability to focus on both aesthetic and economic concerns within each project's specific context.

Horse & Buggy Press also collaborates with writers, visual artists, and historians on a range of book productions. These titles are housed in special collection libraries across the globe and have won awards for both their content and design.

Birdhouses is a limited edition, fine press title of Holga-based photography by Rob McDonald. The photographs were taken in South Carolina and Virginia over four years. All text, including Rob's illuminating essay, were hand-printed on the letterpress using a heavyweight eggshell finish paper. Each copy features an actual darkroom print housed in a vellum envelope tucked in the back cover. Nine different handmade papers and three different endsheets were used in order to further the uniqueness of each book. $145 (2007; edition of 135)

Song of the Line is a 112 page volume of poetry by Orange County (NC) resident Jack Gilbert. Jack wrote the poems over twenty years, often sharing them with friend and neighbor Henryk Fantazos. As a response to reading the finished manuscript, Henryk was inspired to create a series of ten engravings. The hardcover edition ($30) has a full-color dustjacket which also features a reproduction of one of Henryk's paintings. The first 100 copies are signed and numbered by the artists and accompanied by a hand printed engraving of the reader's choice. $100 (2007)

City of Midnight Skies is a 64 page city noir tour de force by DC native Stephen Gibson. A former bike messenger, Stephen's poems and prose are accompanied by his own drawings and comics originally created in handmade sketchbooks custom made for him by Dave over the years. This is the only H&B title to be published in two editions. A hand-bound, letterpress edition is available for $40, and a perfect bound, trade edition for $13.

Dave also makes handmade journals and photoalbums and hand-printed cards for those who still enjoy using paper-based tools in the brave new digital age. Please make an appointment to see the current wares or to discuss a custom project.

A 1994 graduate of the NC State School of Design, Dave also studied as a Core Student at the Penland School of Crafts and is a founding member of The Aesethtic Police, a growing international relief agency working to minimize the continued destruction of worldwide aesthetic standards.





Menus for Watts Grocery change seasonally


Cover for Best of the Triangle issue features mix of digital and letterpress created typography.



Letterpress printed 7 inch vinyl music packaging includes a CD for the turntable challenged listener.


Digitally printed poster; a collaboration with Durham School for the Arts student Matthew Brondoli.


All purpose southern greeting card. Letterpress printed on 100% recycled paper. $10 for 5 cards with envelopes.



Jewel case CD design, photography by Michael Traister.


Dog treats from Ninth Street Bakery, digitally printed from letterpress proofs.


Ten university press book designers rode over from their Chapel Hill hotel in Frank (from Ninth Street Bakery) Ferrels’ biodiesel 1973 Merecedes bus to visit the letterpress shop as a sideline activity during their 2007 conference. This event was the brainchild of BW & A books of Durham who collaborated with Horse & Buggy Press on this brochure that integrated digital printing with letterpress printing and was a bit of a propaganda piece to promote Central Park going ons.


Poster for the Carolina Theatre world premiere of the Rousse film, BENDING SPACE.


"Rob McDonald's photographs are an affectionate response to the variety and beauty of birdhouses. The honesty and purity of his eye are to be savored." –  William Christenberry


"If art proves anything, one might say that this collection proves that art is fun, eccentricity abounds, love is complicated, good things exist."  – Annie Dillard, from her introduction


"I love these poems because they're lyrics of a post-industrial age: clear-eyed but not cynical. Mostly I love the longing in these poems and the unlikely hope for an answer." – Marie Howe

Letterpress catalog cover for the Reynolds Price Jubilee which honored the 50th anniversary of his teaching at Duke. The covers feature a detail from the last page of the hand-written manuscript for "A Long and Happy Life."


Cover designs for Zelda Lockhart's 2007 novel (also designed book interior).


May 2007. Dave hosted 25 graphic designers from across North Carolina for a studio visit centered around the Type High letterpress exhibit in the foyer gallery.

April 2007. Dave taught a two week workshop at SeeSaw covering bookmaking, illustration, and book design concepts at this afterschool Durham program.